Suggested solutions 

Discover below a non-ehaustive list of solutions we can provide for you.

Odoo Inventory

Take advantage of a simple and modern warehouse management and functions provided by Odoo to automate your stock management.
It’s our core business ! 

Odoo CRM

You are looking for a tool to simplify your customer relations ? Your business relies on managing these relations ? Discover how Odoo’s CRM is able to help you in this task. 

Odoo Website

Your company is looking to develop a website quickly and efficiently ? You want your site to be directly linked to your internal stock management and centralise your web orders with your standard sales ? Odoo has never been a better choice, now.

Odoo Hiring

You hire often or recruting is part of your core business – Odoo can answer your need. Qualify your future recruits and create your own hiring process.

Odoo Mass-Mailing 

You use an external service for sending your mails to your prospects or customers ? You want to centralise this on a support dedicated to your company’s management? Choose Odoo and improve your conversion rate now !

Odoo Marketing Automation 

Automate your email sending in Odoo through a simple workflow creation interface, specifically for your company !

Other modules will soon be presented on this page...

We currently integrate more than 15 modules !