Odoo Website

Looking to set up a showcase website or e-commerce quickly ?
Odoo can help you, and its handling is fast !

Use a simple builder, progress quickly

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A dynamic page builder

Enjoy a simple builder to put online your web site quickly. Elements are customizable, and if you do not find what you want, we can create new ones!

With this builder, you will be able to design a website quickly, focusing on its content, essential for a good referencing ! 

Centralize your key performance indicators

Get analytics, and detailed Odoo statistics

See how you can analyze your performance on your website, and take advantage of practical tools on a single support.

Integrate analytics into your Odoo and activate the link monitoring, optimize your statistics , and target better your KPIs.

Set up an e-commerce site linked to all your internal processes !

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The website is completely integrated

All your modules communicate with each other, one support for all your needs !

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Web and CRM

Connect the power of CRM to your website by creating your own forms !

Everything is connected !

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Web and Mass Mailing

Are you creating new prospects in mass, and are you looking to convert them via a winning e-mailing strategy ?

The mailing lists are usable !

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Web and Sales

Your web sales are also available in Odoo's classic sales (the ERP itself!) Centralize all information on one support !

Want to know more ?

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