Odoo Inventory

Manage your inventory simply with Odoo's inventory management system.
Today, it's the heart of our Odoo  integrator activity ! 

Performance meets expectations 

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A smart dual entry inventory system

Get constant access to all of your stock, and manage it through Odoo's intelligent inventory system, which consists of inventory movements only.

Plan and use the Odoo Planner to automate the processing of your stock.

A simple centralized management

Avoid stockouts. Optimized management !

With the automatic supply feature offered by Odoo, focus on what really matters, and let Odoo manage your inventory automatically by scheduling supplies as needed.

Enjoy unique features, such as drop-shipping, or multi-warehouse management. 

Keep a complete traceability of your movements of stock !

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Fully integrated inventory

All your modules communicate with each other, one unique support for all your needs !

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Your inventory is directly linked to your accounting documents.  Follow each of your inventory movements within the accounting module.

Avoid unnecessary manual entries !

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Discover the modules !

Subteno IT implements many modules, which you can find a non-exhaustive list on our website !

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