Odoo Mass Mailing

Would you like to set up a Mass Mailing solution within your company ? 
Odoo offers you a ready-to-use solution to set up your emails !

A builder, identical to this site, for your emails

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Build your emails simply

No technical knowledge is required to use the mass mailing module, it can be used immediately, thanks to a simple user interface accessible to all ! 

Set up targeted mass mailing based on specific filters. Or set up your own mailing lists !

Automate the sending of emails ! 

What about simplifying the sending of emails ? 

Enjoy an additional automation of marketing module, to offer you a unique service.

Define a specific workflow related to specific user actions, and automate your entire chain of emails sending !

Another good news, this module works with the website ! Suggest to your visitors to sign up for your mailing list in order to receive your latest news

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Completly integrated recruitment 

All your modules communicate with each other, one support for all your needs !

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Automated Mass Mailing 

Fully automate the sending of e-mails. Avoid the long manual sending tasks, and schedule specific workflows according to your needs !

Odoo constantly adapts.

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Mass mailing and Website

Pair up your emailing campaigns with the website, and precisely control the impact of your campaigns on the site, using A / B testing methods.

Follow the performance of your pages according to each channel !

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Discover the modules !

Subteno IT includes many modules, which you can find a non-exhaustive list on our site !

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