Odoo CRM

Discover how Odoo CRM can simplify and boost your customer relationship. 

Boost the way you manage your customer relationship

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Manage your prospects simply

Your prospects customer are managed in the same place.  Benefit from complex and specific filters to select the leads / prospects that interest you.  Group them according to your preferences !

Do you have a specific internally organization of work ? We can customize this tool and adapt it to your needs.

Statistics to better plan

Enjoy different detailed views

Simply plan your activities, and get a detailed real-time view of the follow up of your prospects.

Simply qualify your leads and master your customer and prospects relationship on one support.  

Enjoy a flexible CRM that will be adapted to your company, and evolves at the same time !

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Fully integrated CRM

All your modules communicate with each other, one support for all your needs !

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CRM and Sales

Convert your leads, prospects and opportunities easily, and create quotes, make sales to your prospects.

Everything is connected !

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CRM and Mass Mailing

Are you creating new prospects in mass, and looking to convert them via a winning e-mailing strategy ?

Link simply Mass Mailing to CRM!

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CRM and Web

Create your leads and opportunities from your website, directly in the CRM, and enjoy the power of Odoo !

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