Odoo Integrator 

Consulting and integration company specialised in Odoo, a centralized open-source company management software.

Your Odoo integration partner

One of the top French integrators

Nowadays, Subteno IT integrate Odoo as a management solution at its customer's company. 28 customers trust us.

Open source above all

The software we integrate is open-source and, today, it is maintained by a community of more than 890 contributors and more than 1100 integration companies.

More than 15 companies projects done

Production management, stock management, finance, project management, CRM, Web site, eCommerce, point-of-sales, …

Setup advice  

Above all, we are with you in the setup of the solution, but we can also adapt it to reach your requirements, as specific as they may be.

Why integrate Odoo ?

Manage your company on a single system

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Odoo centralizes all your requirements

A recent and perpetually evolving integrated management software package, Odoo can centralize on a single system all the solutions to your requirements in terms of internal management.

From the CRM module to project management, the creation of an eCommerce linked directly to your stock and production management, Odoo covers all your requirements.

Why choose Subteno IT ?

Above all, experience and advice

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Odoo Experience

 Odoo is a complex software because of the range of modules available, requiring strong technical background for its installation.

For more than 10 years, Subteno IT integrates Odoo in SMBs and large companies. We have been present since version 4 of the software!

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Currently integrating Odoo in more than 25 companies of all sizes, we are able to train and advise you.

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Development / Integration 

We are able to go further with the integration of Odoo in your company. 

You have specific work processes ? Integrating Odoo will ensure software adaptable to your requirements.

Our latest references

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A dedicated team

Meet the team members

Company team


He now runs the company and has known Odoo for a long time, his experience is well established. Inexhaustible, he is keen to bring each new project to fruition! The bald, it’s him !

Company team


With its English accent, our "Chris" is a living encyclopedia of Odoo. Last Jedi living to this day, he trains new Padawans in technical precepts continuously !

Company team


Jérémy, always at your service, with an always equal, discreet mood ..... one of the characters of the shock duo of society nicknamed "the old men of the Muppet Show".

Company team


Under his Santa Claus look, his experience now benefits all older children ! He loves development, and animals, and sometimes has a hard time deciding between the two !

Company team


Vincent, our "Ayrton Senna" of the program. Its surplus of energy and ideas panics all the seismographs of the planet.

Company team


Charles-Edward, the seducer, our gentleman developer, with unconditional responsiveness, always attentive and very courteous.

Company team


Patricia, our AFD (Amazing, Funny, Dynamic), we compare her knowledge to the wisdom of Solomon.

Keeper of the Subteno data set, excellent manager and strategic thinker.

Company team


This is Riri, the other half of Jiji. Smiling, discreet, our rebel has more than a string to his bow. In his magic environment, obstacles do not stop her.

Company team


Always concentrated, she is part of an inseparable duo. Her development knowledge is not minimal, on the contrary !

Someone who's cold ? Yes, in Normandy it is not hot, you have to be understanding with Jiji.

Company team


Our “baby” on the team, by his age but not by his maturity. Lots of wisdom, lots of creativity, lots of innovation…. Her priority in aesthetics brings renewal to the Subteno IT brand.

Company team


Shadow developer, she is developing recipes for us ! Every day, an additional skill on its menu ! Martin’s great pair.

Company team


Our super switchboard operator who answers on the first ring ! His thirst for learning is unlimited ! Do you need someone to help you ? Our Mister Help will be present.

Company team


Bonjour, Hello,…. her languages are one ! Our hyperpolyglot isn’t scared of anything. Her enthusiasm and dynamism cross borders !

Company team


Curious, attentive, persevering, our Swiss has been developing for more than 20 years. His favorite word is "sorry" when Python, Javascript and Linux have no more secrets for him. Find the error ?

Company team


La ville rose arrive chez Subteno IT avec un accent ensoleillé. Notre juriste Toulousaine applique ses connaissances et exploite sa curiosité pour enrichir chaque jour son savoir-faire.

Company team


Si vous voyez un éclair souriant dans les rues d'Alençon, pas de doute, c'est bien lui et sa trottinette, en direction de Subteno IT ! Sa soif d’apprendre et sa curiosité lui permettent d’enrichir chaque jour ses compétences techniques.

Company team


Notre « smile » Toulousain nous partage au quotidien le soleil du Sud. Chaque jour, son dynamisme et sa bonne humeur l’accompagnent dans son travail. Son expérience et ses compétences sont la source de ses connaissances Odoo. 

Company team


Son parcours enrichit d’un ensemble de compétences lui a valu un Odoo Award en 2018. Son travail minutieux navigue au travers des divers développements.

Company team


L’apprentissage de nouvelles compétences enrichit chaque jour notre plus jeune recrue. Accro aux jeux vidéo, il a choisi de commencer sa première expérience professionnelle au sein de notre société. 

Company team


Une envie d’apprendre, toujours demandeur… Une tâche à réaliser ? Notre 1000 à l’heure est toujours prêt à faire flasher les radars pour aider. 

Company team


Restez sur vos gardes ! L’organisation, ça le connaît. Son planning d’apprentissage est au garde-à-vous ! Une nouvelle tâche ? Pas d'inquiétude, il sait déjà comment s’organiser.

Company team


Un nouveau Toulousain parmi nous ! Un informaticien toujours prêt à aller de l’avant et à aider ses collègues. À ces heures de détente, nous retrouvons Marc sur son VTT ou sur les routes d’un voyage ! 

Company team

Vacant post, maybe you ?  

Are you looking to join a close-knit team and work on various projects ? Do you like to develop and constantly discover new things ? Join us !